Friday, October 7, 2011

Lasalle- Russians vs French 1812

Martin came down from ChCh for the evening for a game of Lasalle.

Kent took his French infantry supported by Cav and Martin and I ran my Grenadier Div with Curiassiers.

Thanks to some brilliant generalship (not by me!) we crushed the French right flank and rolled them up for a decisive Russian victory.

6x4 is too small- 8x 4 is really a minimum and 8x5 would be even better- or my table tennis table!

Marin is now keen on 28mm and is buying my French infantry off me- I am going to propse a Lasalle day for in January.

3x 6 Battalion forces + artillery per side and one Cav support each.

I'll build a Prussian infantry Div(I just can't motivate myself to paint French or British) and we'll have at least 3 players per side.

2 French Veteran Divs + 1x Guards
2x British + 1x Prussian


  1. Great looking game Craig. Haven't played Lasalle but am keen to find out more about the rules.

  2. Lovely looking game. In theory our stuff is being based for Lasalle (although currently used with Black Powder). Your proposed divisions will be a fine sight!