Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day of Days 2012

After this years event was cancelled due to the tragic events in Christchurch its time to start planning for next years Day of Days. As per usual the aim is to have a campaign weekend celebrating a battle or campaign. I am getting organised early as I want to have flyers / info to hand out at Conquest at the end of the month to start generating interest.

In the past themed events we have done have included:

NZs first doubles comp
Firestorm Bagration

The theme next year will be the "Tough old gut"- the Battles for Italy 1943

It will be run as an axis of attack campaign with the allies attacking on three different axes- codenamed after the 3 main landings: Avalanche/ Baytown/Slapstick and the allied teams aim is to "bounce" the Gustav line before Christmas 1943.

"The tough old gut"
The battle for Italy 1943
Axis of Attack Campaign Weekend

Winston Churchill described Italy as a soft underbelly and an easy way to open a Second Front versus Germany. For the Allied troops that fought there Italy was to become known as “the tough old gut”; it was neither easy nor soft.
Date: February 25-26 2012
Location: Timaru
Cost: $25 per player
Points: 1200 per player (2400 per pair)
Lists: All lists must come from North Africa and be appropriate for the campaign in Italy Sept- Dec 1943.
Games: 4 games (two per day)
Game length: 3 ½ hours per game
Missions: A mission tree will be used to determine missions. The mission played will be based on the outcome of the previous round’s battles.
Additional Information/ Notes
· Players will play in pairs with 1200pts per player.
· A maximum of 1 armoured company per pair (Italy was a campaign dominated by the Poor Bloody infantry).
· Only one player per pair may take air support.
· A maximum of 1 divisional support choice per player.
· Both players’ forces must be the same nationality (eg no British/ American crossbreeds).
· All forces must come from North Africa and be appropriate for the Italian Campaign (Sept-December 1943)
· All games will be Axis vs Allies (of course).
The Games: 4x 3 ½ hour games (2 per day) on 6ft x 5ft tables that will be themed to specific locations/battles in Italy.We found that the doubles games required longer than standard games last time we did them so I'd rather do 4 games that will get results than try to squeeze in an extra game. Tables will be themed to Italy
The Missions: The mission each round will be determined by a campaign tree with the mission decided by which side won the proceeding round.
BBQ: The (in) famous Day of Days Saturday night BBQ will be held (weather permitting).
·Win: 12 pts -1 pt per own platoon destroyed (max of -3).
Loss: 3 pts + 1 pt per enemy platoon destroyed (max of +3)
The Axes of Attack- the allies will pick up campaign points by capturing various objectives (the most wins on a particular axes each round determining if it is won or lost.) Each round the attackers will determine which players will be on which axes and the attacker/defender is based on the campaign not the infantry/mech/armour as per standard games. The aim being to get across at least one of the 3 final objectives to bounce the Gustav line.

Campaign Points

Axis 1: Avalanche
Axis 2: Baytown
Axis 3: Slapstick
Reggio De Calabria
Rapido River & Monte Cassino
Castal de Sangro (Sangro River line)
Thoughts, comments or suggestions welcome


  1. Sounds like a great event, shame I'm on the other side of the world!

  2. Save your pocket money :)

    We try to do something different each year and not do the same old same old tournament formats.


  3. Excellent news, I'm SO there. I'll have to do a bit of thinking about what to bring along though.

    I guess I might have to look at something other than snow based troops from the Ostfront? :P We'll see.

    I like the setup you have Craig. While I'm going to Conquest to help make things as big as they can possibly be, I much prefer themed events with appropriate restrictions. And MW. MW is good.

    I think Axis of Attack is a better format than Firestorm for a multi-game event. It makes the relationship between the games and the overall result much clearer.

  4. I think the AoA campign is the easist way to add a framework without complications and should make for an intresting format

    Snow in Italy too you know Jamie- you could even run them a gerbigsjager(sp)

    Variety is the spice of life- thre are plenty of more "traditonal" events so we try to break the mould so to speak and run things a bit differently

    Games like your big game at the weekend are also a fantastic way to get people out of the stnadard game mindset and looks like it was a spectacular success.


  5. Indeed. SO much so that Andy is all fired up to run another after Conquest.

    Ostfront this time :)