Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bunkers & Beaches trial

Bede is running a comp called Bunkers & Beaches in Wellington in December. It's themed on Normandy and I've already booked my tickets.

Dale is keen to test out his Conquest list tomorrow night and since I despise Blue on Blue games it's a good chance to take the Tyne & Tees boys for a spin to test some ideas.

Dale will be taking:

River of Heroes Kingtigers

1x Kingtiger 350
1x Kingtiger 345
1x kingtiger 345
7x Armoured Scouts 310
3x Panzwerwerfers 195
2x Flak Nests 90

Sporadic HS 129s 115


No subtlely there. Dale is famous for his extreme lists. He took 30+ Stuarts to the Nationals once (2 companies) and ran riot. He and Poochie had a hornisse vs hummel weekend at TAGCON 05- Dale took 3x hummels out of Hitler's Fire Brigade (570 pts) and then proceeded to mainly use them as MG platforms (around 60 pts per MG die!) and Poochie took 3x Hornisse (520). On the kill ratio the hornisse won.

Interesting to note though that 4x Brmmmbars were fairly pointed back then at 690 pts!

I'll be running: Tyne & Tees Rifles

HQ 30
9x Rifles(CV) 180
9x Rifles(CV) 180
4x 6pdrs (CV) 135
3x Carriers(CV)+ MMG 95
4x M10 (CV) 310
8x Priests (CV) 495
3x Cromwells + Firefly (RV) 325

Sextons are no longer an opton in Turning Tide so I'll be taking the priests

If I want a chance I'll have to hope for flank shots!

Expect a report tomorrow night

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