Monday, October 31, 2011

Conquest 2011- Game 1

Last weekend was the 9th Conquest. I'm happy to say I've been to them all and played FoW at the all- 8 comps and one Arnhem demo game. I've had pretty good success in the past but was a bit unsure how my Cassino FJ would fare.

This year there were 20 players including some new faces form CHCH. There were 10 different missions- one per table (that part was the same as the last few years). There were some really nice tables, well thought out and which suited the mission. I got lots of positive comments for the Cassino table.

Of the 20 forces 16 were infantry and most of those went infantry heavy- infact in a couple of games I felt decidedly infantry light!

Before the tourney I was hoping to play some of the following: Nick (Lintman), Pooch, Bob (Blodenplatt) and Rob Shirley as well as Dave D who I'd already arranged a grudge match. As it turned out I got games vs most of them.

My force was Cassino FJ:
  • HQ + 2 panzershreks & 2x stummelwerfers
  • 2x full FJ platoons + P/Ks
  • 4x FJ marders
  • 4x Heer Stugs
  • 3x Heer nebelwerfers
  • 3x pak 40 nests
  • 1x HMG nest
  • 1x flak 38 nest
  • 1x panzerII turret
Game 1: Not One step Back vs Dave Dreaver

  • HQ+ pioneers
  • 2x full urdany
  • 4x flamethrowers
  • 11x pioneers
  • 3x ISU 122s
  • 2x 45mm AT guns

Dave and I go way back over the years we've had some great games that have tended to go to the where but in every case the final roll of the die has gone my way. So before the comp we arranged a grudge match and it turned out to be a Not One Step Back.

My defences. FJ in the big building, pak nests in the rubble, with marders awaiting the onslaught

Turn 1- before the onslaught

I got the first turn- my nebels damaged his smaller Urdany (my plan being to ambush them enxt rturn and make my way forward). I decided not to charge out and attack the big urnday (was not sure I'd get tyhe pin) but felt confident that a full FJ + 4 stugs could hold them off- yeah right!

Here they come!

Turn 1: Urrah! Dave ambushes with volley fire ISUs, hits me with flamethrowers and then follows up with the Urdany- I lose 6 teams and 3 stugs for no casualties and am already on the ropes. Actually, I was down for the 10 count and trying to get back to me feet!

From then on I was playing catch up to keep the game alive. My ambush was forced to reveal to assist 1st platoon and in the ensuring bloodbath of assaults and counter assaults I lost 1 1/2 FJ platoons for the loss of his big urdany- he rolled a 2 for morale while contesting both objectives with them after cleaning up my FJ!


When you are left with a panzer II turret and a company commander to protect an objective you know the writing is on the wall. Although they can't contest the enemy needs to be in teh room to contest so that means surviving yet another assault...

The CO didn't last long abut the turret survived several rounds of assaults but eventually fell!

The last hurrah. I was down to half my platoons (2x marders + 1x stug) & no CO vs ISUs, pioneers & Urdany- if in doubt charge!

I missed and got cleaned up next turn.

4-3 to Dave (I managed to snipe his 45mm guns with my paks & marders)

A great game. Dave smashed me on turn 1 and didn't let up. The 8" deployment meant I couldn't create a picket to slow down the FT and my idea of stugs + full FJ to hold the line quickly came unstuck and from then on I was scrabbling to get back into the game- or at least some points!

A great game and Dave thoroughly deserved the win. Well played. In future intend to keep at least 12" and a line of pickets between my troops & any flamethrowers.

Did okay- nests picked off the 45mm guns and some infantry and meant one half of the board was not used. I lost the panzer II and nothing else. Probably should have deployed a couple more forward to disuade the Soviets a bit more.

Well done Dave!


  1. A bitter battle as it should be in the city. Russian flamethrowers, got to hate them eh.

  2. Na, just need more room to put out a picket- should have deployed smarter and paid the price for not doing so:(

    All Soviets were famethrowered up :)