Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FoW- Cassino Falls!

A playtest of the Cassino table tonight with Dale commanding a Tyne & Tees (what are they doing there?) force vs the Cassino FJ.

As I have fortifications I got to defend.

The table is designed for a No retreat but is pretty nasty as there are few long LoS for the defenders.
HQ + 2x stummelwerfers, 2x panzershreks
2x platoons
3x nebelwerfers
4x marders
4x stugs
3x pak 40 nests, hmg nest, flak nest, 3x gn pits, 2x trenches

The Tyne & Tees Rifle Company
2x rifle platoons
3x carriers- 2x 50 cals
3x Cromwells + a firefly (7th Ad- RV)
3x Crocodiles
8x priests :)
Spotter plane

Deployment- looking towards the British lines. An infantry platoon with attached stummels and a panzershrek are deployed near the forward objective, marders are in ambush and fortifications are scattered about- mainly on the hill and cassino ruin to dissuade the British- it worked.

The British prepare to advance along the left flank- Dale has turned the vineyards into a crazy maze!

Crocodiles advance supported by infantry.

Another advances through the orchard

The fallschrimjager prepare for the assault. I lost a team to a murderous bombardment from the 8 priests.

My turn one consisted of rolling for reserves and rolling the nebelwerfers into their gun pits.

A rather blurry pak nest but the panzer II turret is visible in the background.

Dale prepares to assault my forward line.

The first rifle platoon supported by carriers assaults, I lose a team and pull back to regroup- then fial to unpin despite having the CO able to attach!

In my turn I managed to drop a nebelwerfer bombardment on the infantry platoon- pinning it for the rest of the game :) But Dale sends his second platoon forward to assault. The assualt goes terribly for me, I lose 3 teams and coutner assault with 7 teams (including the company commander, 2iC and observer) but only manage 2 hits. Dale kills 3-4 more and in my final round of assualts I only get 1 hit out of 3! Dale fails his morale and falls back. I am left with 3 teams, two of whcih are independent teams to hold the line! The panzerwerfer is Dale's objective.

The cromwells hide in the orchard.

My reserves show up but fail to stormtrooper. The preists open up on them and kill three teams and two nebelwerfers. The infantry then fail to unpin for the rest of the game!

My sole survivor from 1st platoon and the company commander prepare to hold off the British- yeah right!

The marders roar out from behind cover- and fire four flank shots at the crocodiles, scoring three hits!

Two crocodiles are knocked out by marders- the third one stays on the table.

Stugs advance under cover to try to contest the objective.

Dale has killed my company commander and sole infantry team (my defensive fire missed again!) and so my stugs are thrown in to drive the British back. My schtuzen saved a tank from a PIAT shot but one tank bogged. The others kill 3 teams but then the British counter attack. One tank is bailed the the survivors fail their morale test.

Game 6-1 to Dale!
The woeful assault dice didn't help my cause, I needed to damage the British infantry more but Dale played smart, atttacking on a narrow front and supported his infantry well. I have never failed so many fearless morale tests to unpin too. A well deserved, and crushing victory, to Dale. The game was a bit closer than the result indicates- not a good final game for the FJ going into Conquest this weekend :)

On a brighter note, I got lots of positive comments about the table.


  1. great looking table and mini's - I've been following your scenery build posts for a bit and I'm going to try and build a similar table - great job!

  2. Well the positive comment are very well deserved Craig. I know the feeling with dice, much the same for me tonight in a Napoleonic naval game.

  3. Great AAR. Nice table and mini's

  4. Cheers Guys

    I still need to make some rubble for round the new bildings but that will be a future project.

    Good luck with the project jmilesr

  5. Fantastic terrain and figures, great job!!

  6. Excellent AAR. Great photos and an awesome table.