Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Quick Update

I've reflocked most of my Dark Ages armies now using static grass and have been working on my Crusader Norman Spearmen and really like them. Nice proportions and detail on the figures. I'm waiting for some spears in the Gripping beast Order so I can finish them off and get some photos.

Hope to have the Conquest Normans soon. My aim is to get my 6x Dark Ages armies to 250pts for Impetus (some will easily be bigger but will get the first 250 pts done. Each force is typically 12-16 bases. Later in the year I'd like to run a 6 player 1066 campaign using Impetus.

The armies are: Welsh, Pre-Feudal Scots, Vikings, Norse-Irish, Anglo-Danes and Normans. The vikings, Normans and Welsh needing the most work (bases) to finish)

Board Gaming
Tonight four of us are trying out a new board game of Dales called Merchants and Marauders. Pirates in the Caribbean apparently so should be fun.

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