Thursday, February 10, 2011

Merchants and Maruders + Peter Jackson

"Toy Soldiers" led the national news tonight. Why? Simple. The American gaming store owner who "borrowed" PJs credit card to the tune of $250,000 was sentenced to jail for his crimes- not that PJ noticed the fradulent bills. It was quite amusing to see shots of metal fallschrimjager and plastic soldiers leading the news though.

Last night we played Dale's new board game, Merchants & Maruders. A fun game which I somehow won. You have 2 options win by merchanting or win by pirating (or a mixture of both) your way round the Caribbean. You can either buy and trade goods, or simply board ships and steal them (if you aren't sunk in the battle). Straightforward rules the game flowed well and was engaging from the start. My only gripe, it is limited to 4 players, 6 could have really made for a fun game! It was the first board game I'd played for quite a while, Dale is still a major board game fanatic, its just with families and other issues its hard to find the time. Hopefully we'll get another game of this, or one of his other games, in soon.


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