Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Impetus- Vikings vs Norse Irish

A couple of the club's ancient players joined Kent and I for our Impetus bash- Vikings vs Norse- Irish, about 210pts per side. One player had never wargamed beofre and ther others were a couple of our DBA regualrs. We divided the Viking command into three and the Irish into two commands.

Vikings (approx 211 pts)

  • 1x FP Guard Huscarls (fair general)
  • 1x FP Vet Huscarls
  • 2x FP Huscarls

  • 1x FP Guard Huscarl (Poor General)
  • 1x FP Vet Huscarls
  • 2x FP Huscarls

  • 2x FP Huscarls
  • 2x Hird (Bondi)
  • 1x S Archers

Norse-Irish (Approx 213 pts)

Simons command

  • 1xFL Noble (fair general)
  • 4 FL Bonnachts
  • 2x Viking FP Huscarls (allies)

My command

  • 1x FL Noble (poor general)
  • 4 FL Kerns
  • Viking Allies: 2x FP Vet Huscarls

It was a bloody battle but in the end the Norse-Irish triumphed.

We (the Norse-Irish) drew first blood and managed to route the Viking command on our far left flank. Which meant that we were qable to threaten to roll up the flank.

My kerns held back and let the Vikings advance but in the end grew impatient and advanced to throw javelins at the advancing vikings- whch was fine until the vikings got too close and my command collapsed under the viking onslaught. However, that meant the Kent's command was too far away to assit the rest of the Viking force that was now outnumbered by Simons Irish troops.

Simons vikings and general saw off a number of assaults and eventually broke two of the three Viking commands to take a the win. The Irish javelins were very, very handy but I really liked the feel of the game as we were trying to dance around throwing javelins and sticking to the bad going whilst the Vikings tried to charge home using their heavy infantry- it made for a very interesting game.

The other players had never played Impetus before but got the hang of it very quickly and
enjoyed themselves.

A few pictures.

The Viking Ranks

Simon's bonnachts advance on our lft flank while the centre is held by our own Norse allies.

Irish Kerns await developments.

The Battlelines close

A view from the far side of the battlefield- the bonnachts win the melee in the foreground and the Viking command breaks..

Kent's General has just smashed my flank, rolling thorugh my Kerns.

However it is the other flank where the battle is decided.

The Aftemath, the Viking centre and right flank has collapsed.

A thoroughly enjoyable game!

The commands were a bit small but gave the guys a feel for the game and it flowed smoothly. Next time we'll play 300 pts.

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