Thursday, February 17, 2011

FoW- Panzer IIIs

The last few panzers for my Worlds force next week- panzer IIILs. Battlefront were out of stock so I got 3 of the panzer III warrior tanks and used two of those and a standard panzer III. My 231 armoured cars are also done. I'm not confident the force will do well, I'm taking it mainly as it is the type of force that I enjoy playing, not because I expect it to do well and for me that is the main reason to take a force- challenging to use rather than necessarily being challenging to face. 8 games over 3 days will no doubt expose all the weaknesses of my armoured panzer grenadiers list, if I can win half my games I'll be very, very happy :)

Truth be told I am regretting not taking the DAK with Bison list for its coolness factor and if I go to the Nationals will definitely take that.

True be told I'm a bit FoWed out at present. The historic (ancients) gamers at the club are playing a lot of Rapid Fire II and that is more and more appealing as a WWII wargame with the focus on WWII and not so much the game- and a more appropriate battalion level supports rather than overblown min maxed companies of FoW. However, that being said, I've a couple of full on FoW weekends ahead with the Worlds in Wellington then our own Day of Days campaign weekend (running Firestorm Market Garden) the following weekend. But who knows, maybe next weekend will reinvigorate me towards FoW.


  1. These are some nicely painted tanks.

  2. Cheers Hein- they look okay and didn't take long- problem is it was the first time I've sued Vallejo Midstone and really like the look so have a lot of panzers that now need repainting!