Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Bach

Not really wargaming related but yesterday was my wife's birthday and we also went unconditional on our new bach (holiday home- whcih she claims is her birthday present. If it keeps me in the good books who am I to disagree?).

Small language lesson: Apparently the term "bach" ( that's spelt "bach" and not BATCH!) comes from the word "bachelor" and comes from the small houses that single men lived in in the bush and goldfields of NZ. These days it is the term for a holiday home, although in Otago & Southland they call them cribs.

So we've paid our deposit, all the reports have checked out and we take possession next Friday, which also happens to be our 15th wedding anniversary, and ill definitely be heading down for the weekend.

Here are a few pictures.

It has views out over the Kakanui Mountains.
The bach is located in Kakanui, a small coastal town about 10km south of Oamaru and off the main roads so is not at all touristy!

This is the main reason I love Kakanui- All Day Bay.
A 4-5 km stretch of golden sand, protected from the easterly by the headland so even when the easterly is closing out the surf further along the coast it still quite often has a decent wave. All Day Bay is the first surf beach between Christchuch and Dunedin (and is about 270 km from ChCh - but only 90km from home so an hours drive for me!). The only other surf spot being Patiti and Jack's points at Timaru but these are both reef breaks and can be a bit dangeorus in a kayak-but can be a lot of fun.
Quite often when out surf-kayaking (I don't surf these days) there are a couple of hector's dolphins swimming about. 40 people on the beach at the height of summer is a busy day! Kakanui truely is still a place unspoilt by development and unlike many other parts of the NZ coast bachs are not ridiculously overpriced (although you do pay top dollar for views over All Day Bay- hence our view on the protected landward side of the Kakanui hill).


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