Thursday, February 17, 2011

Impetus- Scots vs Norse-Irish

Kent and I had another game of Impetus last night, about 250 pts per side. The game flowed faster than before- and the game only took an hour and a bit for his Norse-Irish to crush my Scots. We made a few errors with javelins- got the cav/infantry rows vs missile fire round the worng way and and also forgot to add the bonus vs misisle fire to cohesion tests. Minor issues that didn't affect things too much.

My Scots got crushed by Kents force in very short time- FL javelinmen are very nasty when massed. I think I need to add more skirmishers to my forces to protect my main blocks of troops. It was a good fun battle though, but I forgot to bring a camera, hopefully I'll get a few pictures of Kent.

[edit]Ah, he has. The Norse Irish.

And one of the Scots commands.

I think I am going to have to come up with a new tactic vs the massed javelins- I've lost two stands already!

The Battle lines close.

My main force advances.

We continue to take heavy losses on our right flank- but have at least wounded one stand!

Scottish skirmishers look on.

My other flank also melts away- my only 3 stands left on the table!

And they decide to call it a day!

Lessons learned.

Skirmisher screens are your friend- use them to negate the effectiveness of the javelins. Two bad going armies, one with a lot more missile firepower than the other. I managed to kill about 4 stands for the loss of 16-18 of my own!

A Scottish force (1000-1100AD) has been posted on the Impetus forums, I might build an army with that for next time and see how we do.


  1. Looks like a fun matchup - I feel your pain vs Fl with Javs, very mean in both versions! I'll have to remember that point about the +1 to cohesion as well, though I think most of the time missile troops lean most heavily on teh double-disorder to do their evil work.

    I'm looking forward to more games vs Jason's stuff and Stephen may even be coaxed to bring forth his Normans. Since I am a masochist, I threw my Vikings (using the old Beta) vs my Scots, with Chris in command of them. Ouch. Next time I go in in columns with all the FL Raiders acting as a Screen. Those big units with Vet Huscarls as the front unit really pack a punch though.

  2. I think it's +1 at close range and +2 at long range in full ipetus- lots of little things like that we need to note down still.

    We will be using big units next time as they are tough to slow down!