Friday, November 12, 2010

Axis of Attack Ukraine- Game 1

MW: Armoured PG vs Guards Strelkovy

Kent came around tonight with his recently reinstated Stelkovy so we made up a list for him and started an Axis of Attack Ukraine campaign. He got to defend.

Battle 1: Attack on Lisowka (No Retreat)

Kent's Strelk v1

HQ 35
5x Sappers 95
2x 45mm AT Guns 60

2x Platoons, HMG, kom 395
2x Platoons + Kom 375

12x Artillery + kom 415
4x 45mm AT Guns- kom 125


Very defensive but hey he was defending. I tried to squeeze a couple of grilles into my list- just because I have the models and never get to use them.
2x HQ 70

7x Armoured PGs + P/K 235
7x Armoured PGs + P/K 235
3x Pak 40 + H/Ts 260

3x Panzer III (2x Late J, 1x L) 325
2x Grille 200
3x Panzerwerfers 175


I decided to nip round the wood and outflank the Russians, only I forgot about the observer down the far end of the table!


I lost 1x panzer to the hull down Zis 3s on the hill in the distance. The HS 129s & panzwerwerfers have killed 3 guns but not enough to stop the God of War using a double template.

Infantry debuss and advance through the woods- unfortunately the God of War ranges in on the half tracks and 2 infantry are also killed. I then fail to unpin.

The PGs half tracks don't last very long vs the ongoing bombardments!

The Russians have everything under control

We try a mounted assault (smoke template removed at this point so we can see the action) but fail to hit any teams and are forced to break off when the platoon commander dies. Both assaults under smoke bombardments fail due to Kent just managing to get enough hits to pin- he bleeds my platoon white. I get his defending infantry below half strength but they hang on.

6-1 to Kent.

Talk about once sided, I made a few major errors in this- the biggest one probably being a failure to take some recon to lift gone to ground- which Kent used to great effect; refusing to fire an letting his God of War do its stuff. I lost 4 infantry stands to the GoW and that gutted one platoon- losses that the PGs couldn't afford and after that I lost my momentum going forward. But Kent played smart and did what he needed to to win.

The smoke bombardments were a double edged sword in that the meant my infantry were harder to hit but meant my pak 40s were a bit redundant.

The grilles missed with their bunker buster vs all buildings and only managed to hit- and then kill, a single infantry stand so not a good start for them!

Lesson learned: You need recon to lift gone to ground vs Soviets!

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