Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day of Days- 2011: Market Garden

Things have been going a bit hectic since the weekend. We've deiced ot start organiing next years Day of Days which is the annual campaign event for FoW we hold at my place. We had a few campaign/themes including alamein, Salerno, Kharkov, D-Day and Market Garden, but have settled on Market Garden using the Firestorm Campaign.

I was hoping to get 10-12 of us together but the repsonse has been great. Steve from Auckland who came down for a pairs game last week while working in town with Dale for the week and a a mate of his are coming down, quite a few of the Christchurch guys who've been at the last couple of events are returning, Cal who now lives in Dunedin (formerly from Timmers and my long time regular opponent and rival will be back, as well be Nick from Wellington and even the guys from Invercargill have shown interest. It would be great to get some of them along as Southcon and NATCON are the only two comps they make it to each year (and one of the attractions of Southcon for me is to get games against them) so fingers crossed they'll make it. So we have already hit 16 and if the invercargill guys can make it will hopefully get 20 of us, which will make it the biggest South Island comp in quite a while.

lots of things still to do, wfor instance we are still settling on format. It will either be 4x doubles games (2 per day) or else 3x singles games on day 1 and two doubles games on day 2. I'm leaning towards the latter as it worked pretty well this year, but we'll go with whatever the majority of gamers want.

I have pretty much had to cap numbers now but if the Invercargill guys can make it might look at hiring a local hall (or one in town) rather than hold it out here as we will be pushed to get 8-10 tables set up in my gaming room! It's a fair size but not that big!

Will be good to see our plans as they start to evolve, but general discussion about the weekend can be found at this thread on the BF forums: Day of Days 2011.

A Bridge too Far: A few pictures
We ran an a Arnhem demo game at Conquest 2007. Three 1000 pt para forces trying to follow the three routes to the bridge. Lots of fun on an 8x 6 table. The game kicked off with Grabner's raid across the bridge with any vehicels that made it being added to the German defenders- I don't think any did from memory.

I've still got the bridge and terrain boards for it, I'm sure they'll come in handy. The game was a lot of fun and really captured the feel of the battle for me. The paras would be advancing only to have to divert platoons to deal with HMG nests in buildings that enfiladed our advance and run into unexpected blocking forces and so I think it captured the essence of what the street fighting would have been like quite nicely. We ended up having to recycle platoons as assualts in FoW can be quite brutal! It took us about a day and a half but in the end the battered survivors of the relief force made it through to Frosts boys at the bridge.

And now for something completely different: EW French Recon
I assembled all my French vehicles tonight, now I've just got to wait for my order from Comics to arrive so I can start painting them as I haven't the correct colours. I'm looking forward to getting my recon company up and running!


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