Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early War

Yesterday my panzerjager 1s and Sig 133s arrived- these are all I need to be able to field the shutzen company I am after- I've plenty of other EW/MW panzer grey equipment.

Panzerjager 1s- now I need another 4 for my DAK forces

I experimented with simply over the panzer grey but think I'll go back and add a light wash as well to try to pick out the detail a bit more.

SiG 133s. One of my favourite scenes in the World at War series is of a SiG 133 in action. I have never had any but they look fantastic!

And the French.

By using the armoured box set and some old French infantry I'm making an Deep Reconnaissance Squadron. It will be built Armour: Panhards, Hotchkiss H-35 & H-39s and Somua S-35s with some infantry support.

The initial list I'm working towards is this:
Esquadron de Reconnaissance
1x Panhard HQ 35
4x Panhard ACs 135
3x Hotchkiss H-35 (Recon) 175
3x Hotchkiss H-35 (Recon) 175
4x S-35 Somuas 415
1x Fusiliers Voltigers 120
1x Fusiliers Voltigers 120
4x 75mm Artillery 290

Air Inteceptors 25

The first unit is complete- except for markings: 4x Somuas.

The platoon commander

And 7x Hotchkiss 35 & 39s. (1x long commander and 2x short)
These have just had their base coats applied last night and still have washes and highlights to be added.

Hopefully I'll finish the Hotchkiss tonight and get to work on the Panhards.


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  1. I look forward to it!

    Is it about time to end my winning streak?