Friday, November 12, 2010

Fow: Guards infantry + Kradshutzen

Last night I repainted my Guards infantry for the masters- they were a bit old and tired and I wanted to rebase them to match the US paras they'll be supporting. Most of the figures are the British Rifles (Italy) Infantry as I don't have the uards rifles.

And the Kradschutzen. I wasn't happy with them- the Grey was too dark so I have simply drybrushed field grey over their paint job and am happy with the final look.

I can't wait to get these guys on table supporting my shutzen infantry.



  1. Cheers Indie- I'm looking forward to getting the composite US Paras/Guards force on table and the EW forces look like a lot of fun.

    For something completely different though Kent (Galphy's painting shed) is popping over tonight with his newly returned Soviets, not sure if he'll borrow my stuff to bulk it out (and take tanks) or go for a strelk- I've come up with armoured PG force to take him on and we'll see what happens in this our first Mid war battle in quite awhile