Thursday, November 4, 2010

FoW: No Retreat 3000pts per side

A workmate of dale's was down form Auckland again this week so we arranged a game for him down at the club. Dale informed me about 6pm that I needed to bring a British force as well so hurriedly threw together a 7th Armoured force- 3x troops of cromwells/fireflies, some Stuarts and some Sextons to accompany my own paras- 2x platoons, glider infantry, guards shermans, 57mm at and 105mm guns + typhoons. Ideally it would have been a guards armoured force but I have no Challengers so that put paid to that idea.

Dale took his panzerlehr list- 2x armoured PG platoons, 3x 88s, 3-4 jagdpanzers, nebelwerfers, and Kent took a panzer IV company supported by two tigers and air support.

We set up a rather large bocage table (8ft x 6ft) and rolled to see who attacked- it turned out it was the allies- about the only die roll we won all night!

We deployed 3 objectives. A narrow victory was the allies taking 1, a major victory the allies capturing two.

The American paras advance into a wood while Kent pretends to be disinterested.

On the other flank the cromwells advance and engage the panzers.

A panzer waits for the cromwells to get closer.

The cromwells approach an objective but two tigers ambush them. We have managed to destroy a couple of panzer IVs though.

One platoon of cromwell's advances through the woods, the other enters the killing ground.

Battle in the woods. The paras try to figure out how to dealw ith concealed GtG panzer lehr backed up by half tracks, without any rec to lift gone to ground. THe answer? They can't!

We tried to probe the flank but 3x 88s appeared ripped the tank support to pieces then the panzer grenadiers leapt out of their holes and totalled one para platoon! The paras managed to kill a couple of stands in defensive fire but the platoon was gutted, the following turn Dale simple rinsed and repeated to my other platoon!

The confident trained glider boys have more success, assaulting a panzer- which retreated and capturing a building near the third, central objective.

Things are not going so well on the other flank- we simply can't hit (or knock out) the tigers and they eventually destroy the cromwell's.

That's a lot of panzer grenadiers bearing down on us sir! RETREAT!

The Cromwells finally fell to the tigers and the orders to retreat were sounded. In my last turn the CT glider infantry captured an objective only to fail 7 saves in a row to simply get ripped apart my machine guns from the panzer IVs.

A crushing defeat. We didn't manage to kill a single platoon.

My hit rolls and saves were pretty terrible all game (I failed 5 in a row with one para platoon and 7 out of 9 with my glider infantry) but I simply had no way to deal with the GtG half tracks on the edge of the wood- my observer was never able to spot them to lay down any supporting fire. On the other flank it turned out to be war of attrition that the Germans eventually won. We saw very little of our air support which didn't help matters and the couple of tanks my artillery ranged in on were only bailed and quickly remounted.

Next time it will have to be a German counter attack!

A good fun game though and was good to use a big table for a change.


  1. Good Batrep Craig,

    Aside from the allies getting spanked it looked like a fun battle. I love the scenery you guys play with and the armies are fatastic as always.

    Good Stuff :)

  2. Cheers Jason- only problem is I need to make a few more bocage roads for this size table as we didn't quite have enough:(