Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Syrians + Riders of Rohan

I painted up the first two units for the First Crusades era Syrians last night. These are two units of Gaziz (Perry miniatures). I wasn't sure what colour to do the flesh and experimented with GW Dwarf Flesh- which looked too bright/pink even with a wash- and Vallejo Tan. After trying a couple of each I settled on the latter but with a very light drybrush of dwarf flesh added to highlight.

I'm still not 100% sure on the bases yet, I think they need something else to pop a bit more. I hunted through my scenry supplies and found some Woodlands Scenics fine ground earth and added that as a bit of additional texture. I might add some light green course turf yet or even some cat litter for contrast, we'll see. Let me know what you think.

Also I am continuing to try and get better quality pictures. At present I'm not sure if the poor quality is me, the camera or both! But for these shots I added another light source to try to get better light.

The shields still probably need work but I hate shields (which means I can't paint designs on them to save myself!), I might have to look into some more LBM studio transfers for these.

Riders of ROHAN- HoTT
As well as painting up these guys, I based up some Rohan for HoTT battles vs Finn. He's watching the Lord of the Rings again and is getting keen for a game.

I will use the Gripping Beast Vikings as additional infantry for this army.
1x Hero General
2x Knights
4x Blades
2x Shooters
2x Beasts (wardogs)


  1. That LOTR stuff is looking really good Craig, you are putting my 'progress' to shame.

    I'd love to play Josh at a game like HOTT, but he is still at the stage where he likes to invent rules as he goes along! :P

    I've got him to a point where he can play monopoly properly, but I think he'd balk at a wargame. I might be wrong though, he now sits through a 30-45 min long strategy game on the xbox, from start to finish.

    You reckon HOTT is engaging enough for a 5 year old?

  2. Cheers Jamie

    Not sure about HoTT for a 5 year old- have you tried Battlefield(?)- fires rubber bands.

    If you do try HoTT keep it as simple and as much fun as possible, if that involves simplifying even more or making up your own rules which work (and change on the whim of a 5 year old) then well and good. I think the key is to keep it fun and light weight and encourage them long term rather than turning them off gaming by making things too complex- I know I'm taking a long term view with Finn. My friend Ian is introducing his son via the Command and Colours and Memoir '44 board games(the latter using his FoW models)

    Finn gets bored after about 30 minutes so the fast play aspect of HoTT/DBA appeals. He doesn't really worry about tactics or different troop types too much yet but is getng the hang of things. We are also simplifying Impetus for games.

    He's a friend over for a couple of days at present and they are playing heaps of his Battlefield (?) game. The funny thing is they are calling it Warhammer.


  3. Rubber bands looks proimising, will look into it.

    It is a shame that Josh was a bit late to the party for WOTC starwars minis to still be a thing in stores, they would have been perfect - you can still get them by ordering online but I'd prefer to get him something a little at a time rather than buying a lot of something he might get bored of.

    Speaking of LOTR - I figure that if the hobbit ever gets made, he will be the right age for a wargame based on that.

    I might figure out some way to create a computer network at home, we can wargame that way!