Saturday, July 10, 2010

DBA II/56 Early Imperial Romans

The Roman Cavalry is completed using Foundry figures.

Now I've only the archers to go to finish the army, which is getting towards 500 pts for Impetus.

Next up Sassanid Persians, well technically, Syrians. A mix of Essex figures (the Arab allies- originally from my 1s Syrain army) and Legio Heroica Muslims (from last years abortive project to do 1st Crusades and Syrians for Impetus in 15mm). Given that I intend to build both Syrian and Sassanid Persians in 28mm I don't see the point in forking out for a complete 15mm army too,especially when I'm trying to move away from 15mm as much as I can. The plan is to morph the Cav for both the Sassanids and Syrians and just change the support options to the appropriate ones for the army I'm using. Not 100% accurate, but in 15mm who really cares, I've seen a lot stranger morphs at TAG over the years.

I painted up these Legio Heroica figures last night- great figures, some of the best 15mm I've had the pleasure to paint. The army is still WIP as I need to complete the bases.

Knight and Cavalry.

The knight element- Armoured Ghulams (or for the next wee while Sassanid cataphracts)

And Essex Arabs. I'm not really a fan of Essex but their Arabs are worth getting- nicely cast and animated figures. They fit well size with with the Legio Heroica ones as well.

So now I only need my hordes of levy infantry and elephant to complete the force.


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