Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More (28mm ) Reinforcements

The start of my 28mm Sassanids from A&A miniatures (2x elephants and some barded cavalry) arrived today so I am now in 28m elephant overload! Not sure where the rest of the order is at this stage but hopefully arrives in the next few days.

Kent is busy working on his 28mm Imperial Romans so I think I might try to get the Sassanids completed for our Impetus demo game at TAGCON as we will be able to have 2x commands per side by combining my Romans with his and possibly adding some Arab or Numidian allies to the Sassanids.

I also received some BlackTree Design Arab infantry & Norman knights which I'd forgotten I'd ordered but did so to take advantage of their summer sale. The Arabs are a bit chunkier than the Perry range but heightwise seem okay so they'll do for my city milita for the Syrians.
If I recall correctly I got the Norman knights to start my Crusader force and will bulk them up with some Crusader Miniatures figures in time.

So the backlog grows faster than I can paint (again)

Edit- and the semi-finished products- tonight's painting job.

Very nice models- a bit of assembly involved as the elephants are about 9 pieces (including the 5 part howdah) but well worth the effort.

The figures are nicely proportioned and moulded, easy to paint and have good detail. I am looking forward ot painting the rest of this force and will be using A&A again!



  1. wow man they look great sad that i will actually have to kill them

  2. Awesome stuff Craig.

    It looks like 25/28mm historicals are just the thing eh? Putting together (well, the bit after the actual 'putting together) the Vikings has certainly made me think seriously about the possibilities of doing more historicals in this scale. At the cost - they are more visually appealing than 15mm metals IMO and make it impossible to have those bloated high points games they seem to want in some systems, probably just to fill up the table!

  3. I agree Jamie- plastics are making 28mm cheaper than 15mm! (Not quite true for metals of course). The figures have more animation and detail than many 15mm ranges and look good for spectators so is rapidly becoming my preferred scale for non WWII gaming

    Almost at the end of the Viking production line?

    @ Kent- they will probably die easily in Impetus but hope to be able to field them at TAGCON!