Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Impetus Battle Report

Kent and I managed a re-fight of the Numidians vs the Imperial Romans. Kent has been busy this past 7 days painting up his Roman force! From woe to go in 7 days, pretty damn good!

Romans on the left, Numidians on the right. The far left Romans had 2 x cav then the legionnaires and auxillia, 2x auxillia and bow on the far right. The Numidians deployed 4x infantry, elephant, Cav general and then the Roman trained infantry, with the light horse protecting the flanks.

The Numidians advance as do the Roman cavalry.

My glory hunting general managed to kill himself on a wall of blades while his supporting elephant retreated. Doh! Must remember to use javelins to wear down (disorder) those legionnaires!

Kent's Roman General stand.

Runaway! The light horse flee- at the top of the screen you can just make out the other Roman cavlry unit which is about to be cut down by a volley of javelins- after pulling back from engaging the Numidian infantry. At least I'm getting the hang of this!

Things are not going well. The Numidian trained infantry are taking on heavily armed legionniares- at least I've managed to wear them down with volleys of javelins.

My light horse pull back to cover my rear- that's never a good sign! However, I did manage to get the skirmishers behind the Roman lines and the captured some retreating legionnaires!

Moments later it was all over- the roman cavalry destroyed 2x light horse, the archers finished off the third and that put my army under half strength.

A comprehensive victory to Kent, although I did manage to kill 2x stands. Up the guts with light and medium infantry is NOT the way to take on the Romans- next time we'll try to make better use of the terrain and possibly win on one of the flanks with my light cavalry.

We still had to look up a few things but the game flowed better- and we are getting our heads round the rules- I've just got to remember to put units onto opportunity.

Things to remember for next time:
Light cav are -2 dice from bows- that would have kept one unit alive as at long range he could not have hurt me.
Light horse can make a full move rearwards without penalty- that would have stopped some of my disorder issues.
I'm sure there are a few other things Kent picked up as well.


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