Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Basing + Syrians

I wasn't happy with the way I based my Norman/1st Crusade crossbowmen so last night I rebased them to try and make them look a bit more "deserty." Not sure if I like it but we'll see, ity may need some additional colour to break it up a bit more but defintely looks more desert than does the original effort.

I'm also half way thoguh rebaing some Rohan horsemen and bowmen for he HoTT version of the LotR forces- Finn is watching the movies at present and wants to use the Urak Hai and Rohan forces.

First Syrians have arrived
The Syrians (DBA Book IV/6) are one of my favourite DBA armies and I am about to start doing the 28mm version. The first miniatures for this project arrived today from Perry miniatures (my first ever Perry's): javelin armed Kurdish light infantry (auxilia), Gaziz (religious fanatics- warband in DBA and Foot Light Impetuous in Impetus) as well as a unit of Ahdath (city militia- warband in DBA, Foot Protected infantry in Impetus) and some bow armed skirmishers (psiloi). The figures look very, very nice and I can't wait to paint them up.

I sold my 15mm AB Austrian Napoleonic Army last night so will use that money to fund my next purchase- 28mm Sassanid Persians using A&A miniatures as well as completing the Syrians.


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