Monday, July 26, 2010

28mm Carthaginian Elephant + Syrians

Tonight I painted up the first of two Old Gloy 28mm Carthaginian elephants. I was really pleased with the models, they go together easily and look great. I've still the crew to do and the base but it is well on the way to completion.

Old Glory 28mm Carthaginian elephant and Eureka 15mm one for comparision.

Still a bit of work highlighting to do, and giving the elephant a wash and final drybrush.

I also painted up 2x elements of skirmishers for the Syrians. Kent has ordered his Crusaders so I need to get cracking on finishing this force. I've done all the infantry (6 bases altogether) and am now awaiting the cavalry to arrive so I can carry on.

Last night I completed two stands of Syrian infantry (more Perry miniatures). I've run out of Silfor grass so completing the bases may need to wait a while.

The 300 pt Syrian Army I'm working towards for Impetus is:

3x Ghulam Lancers
3x Syrian Cavalry
4x CL Turcomans
2x FL Kurdish
2x FL Gaziz
2x S Archers


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