Sunday, November 30, 2014

Timeline Buildings

More work on the Timeline Miniatures buildings. Only  a couple more to go but have enough for a decent village.

The ruined houses, replacing those that were absent on my order turned up the other day. I finished painting them this evening.

The Timeline church is absolutely huge- that is a 28mm Sherman rumbling past it.

Again, I've added watered down permafilla to add texture.

The newly finished ruins.

 Animal stalls/pens.

 Another image of the church. That is a 28mm Perry 8th Army mortar team beside the church to give an idea of scale.

The only issue I've had is with the way the roofs are designed- you can see in the photo of the church above the roofs are designed to fit into lugs on the walls of the buildings but with the permafilla most don't quite fit. I've some sanding to do, or I might even run a length of balsa along the inside near the bottom of the roof so that it rests on the wall and doesn't slide off. I've a bit of experimenting to see which works best.



  1. Great looking buildings, a fantastic addition on a table!

  2. Excellent work by you, love the paint jobs, my only niggle is that the outer walls look so thin that the buildings would collapse under their own weight let alone when a tank drove past :)

  3. Nice looking terrain and photography, Craig.

  4. Thanks guys.

    @ Ophelia, you are probably right, one of the concessions to laser cu MDF I'm afraid, 5-6mm MDF would be a lot heavier and so more expensive to post.

  5. Thanks guys, ca't ait to get a game in using them.

  6. Wonderful looking buildings and table setup!