Monday, November 17, 2014

Timeline Miniatures 28mm Buildings

A few weeks back I ordered some Timeline Miniatures buildings. After a bit of umming and ahhing I went with the 20mm versions and waited a few weeks for them to turn up. Once they did I discovered that they were a tad to small for use with my 28mm figs (I've some Italia 20mm buildings that work fine) so I put them on Trademe and ordered some more 28mm ones. This time they only took a week to arrive so was pleasantly surprised to get home tonight and find them here. Of course that meant a change of plans for tonight's gaming project as I started assembling them.

Unfortunately there was a slight mistake with the order, I ordered a couple of the ruined Normandy houses but they sent the intact versions instead.
 The buildings go together pretty easily, the instructions are clear and the pieces fit together well.

The Norman church,
 Ruined Normandy farmhouses.
 A terraced house.
 The one thing that the buildings lack is texture to the walls, so I'm going to add some watered down Selley's Permafilla to them to represent plaster. I'll put the windows in once the buildings are painted. Here is the test one.

I have 10 buildings all together so once finished will have a reasonable village.

This should keep me busy for a while.

Update for Greg: Here are a couple of shots of the 20mm ruins and some 15mm FoW infantry and halftrack. These re the only two pictures I took of them. Hope they are some help as a comparision.

I've been contacted by Timeline and they are sending out the correct buildings as well.



  1. Craig could you by any chance take a pic of the 20mm ones with a 20mm figure next to it for scale or alternatively place the 20mm building next to the Italeri ones.


  2. Would love to Greg but sold them last week but think I may have a photo. Will have a look.


  3. Great buy..... you can never get to many houses :)

  4. My tip for the walls would be painted-on PVA sprinkled with silica sand (you can get it at Mitre 10). When painted it gives you a lovely light texture at that scale.

  5. PS Thanks for the Days of Glory tip in a recent post. I used a clip from You Tube when teaching about terrain and tactics in Italy (and why it was so hard for the attacker). Illustrates it much better than any text book for Year 9s!

  6. Thanks for your efforts Craig but still not getting a good idea of scale.The 20mm building look small to me as if they could work better for 15mm. I use the Italeri buildings with my 20mm so maybe a pic of the 28mm building next too a Italeri building might help. Could the 28mm building be used for 20mm or in you opinion should a 20mm gamer rather stick to the 20mm buildings?

  7. Thanks guys

    Will try that one Bede.

    Will do that tonight Greg.