Monday, November 24, 2014

Bolt Action- A few more bits and pieces

More Timeline buildings. I've just placed the roofs on without putting them on properly.

Normandy house.
 Normandy farmhouse.
 The village coming together.
 Terraced rowhouse, complete with recruiting poster.

k And I've added some more figures to my Early War Germans.

The SMGs in the two Artizan SMG packs (one with MP40s, the other with captured Soviet PPSH-41s) are much better proportioned than the ones in some of the other packs. The figure on the right is one of my favourites, carrying a PPSh and with an MP 40 slung over his shoulder. He is now my defacto NCO.

Artizan figures (left to right)- PPSH, SMG then two with SMGs from the greatcoated range- note how much bigger the SMGs are on those figures compared to those in the SMG packs and finally one more kneeling figure from the SMG pack- he is the NCO of the pioneer squad.

This picture shows the difference in scale- same manufacturer, much differently sized weapons.

Artizan (left) and a Perry plastic (right).

The Pioneer squad- the left figure is TAG, the right Artizan.
 TAG (left) and another Perry plastic(right).

Perry plastic (left) and Artizan (right).

The entire squad- I can field them as assault pioneers with up to 6 SMGs. My plan is to give them a SDKFZ 251 half track for mobility, maybe not the smartest choice in Bolt Action terms but fits with the theme of the force. I can also add a flamethrower or LMG team.


  1. The village looks great and the germans to.

  2. Really like the buildings Craig! Must get some!

  3. They are great value and really well designed, just need to get enough to make the postage worthwhile.