Thursday, November 20, 2014

Timeline Buildings

The first two ruins are about done.

Here are a few shots and comparisons with the Italeri 1/72nd/ 20mm ones (which are IMO large 20mm).

 The shutters need a bit of drybrushing to tone them down.
 A 15mm Battlefront Kingtiger and 28mm Bolt Action jeep for comparison.
 Timeline and Italeri.
 A Timeline miniatures between two Italeri. the building heights are about the same.

 The two Timeline miniatures ruins.

So two down... eight to go.

Another hour or so and the the first terraced house was painted too and the shutters dry brushed on the  two ruined buildings. I am happier with the result after the highlight. I do need to find some suitable 40s era posters for on the side of the terraced building.



  1. Craig thanks a lot for this you have truly gone the extra mile for me. Your building look excellent, I hope I can match the quality if I choose to go with Timeline.

    1. They are a bit rough and ready to get them on table, I didn't unpack any of the 20mm ones to be able to compare them with the Italeri ones- I only unpacked one of the ruins. I would say they'd proably be a good 5-6 cm shorter though.

      I am more than happy with the qualiy of Timeline. don't take too much effort to put together, good detail.

  2. After studying the photos I think the 20mm will be better. How would the 20mm Timeline buildings scale with the Italeri ones?

  3. Just wanted to say the 20mm timeline buildings are working out great. I can see GReg agonising over the scale, which is easy to do between 1/72 and 1/76. Its pretty wide open for scale creep, even within the same manufacturer.
    Thanks for the idea regarding texture. I might give that a go.

    Stumbled upon your excellent little blog. Very nice battle reports!
    The walls and roads are pretty excellent I notice, where do you source these from?