Friday, December 5, 2014

BA: WIP French in Italy

Progress on my French, I aim to have them on table vs Kent next week.

First up some artillery barrage markers made from woodlands scenic clump foliage.
 The first squad. Like the res tf the force they are Artizan mini's which are quickly becoming my go to range for WWII figs, great details and paint up very, very easily (minimal flash etc too, much nicer to paint than most Warlord Games metals IMO). These guys will be Vet tough fighters but as they are armed with British gear will use the standard rifles rules not the US autonomic weapon for them.

2nd (slightly blurry) squad. Base coat and wash done last night- stripes still to go on their djabouda. I am probably going to do a different stripe to the first squad.

Command, an Artizan greatcoated American figure as the officer and a Goumier NCO.
 81mm mortar, Also painted up last night.

The start of my regular French. I intend to have 2 squads of regular infantry as the core of the force, equipped by the Americans. These two squads are all made up of Greatcoated Artizan US infantry. I also painted up a bazooka last night but forgot to take a photo of it. In the background is the Greyhound armoured car, also block painted last night (a busy night) and ready for a wash.
Can't wait to get these guys on the table. If my Rubicon Sherman turns up in the enxt few days I shoul have the 1000ptd completed by my Weds game deadline.


  1. Very nice vets; I commend you for building this unit. Too many folks (me included) go for the more famous - like FJ's and US Paras, etc.

  2. Done those as well Dean, I just try for quirky now and then :)

    It is cosmetic really, in game terms the rules will be mainly the BA US rules (with minor tweaks such as not using automatic rifles rules if not appropriate)

  3. Looking really good there Craig!

  4. Very cool stuff Craig! Thanks for the reminder about Artizan.
    Now I'll go looking for some Russian Naval Infantry!

  5. Thanks guys. Yes, Adam they are a great range, I've been buying them through Wargames Emporium as they have a reasonable discount.

    I'm on track to have the entire force ready for Wednesday's game vs Kent.