Sunday, August 3, 2014

BA Kiwis- revisited

My lack of interest in gaming has continued over the past few weeks but finally Kent and I arranged to play  a game of Bolt Action last week but we ended up having to cancel. However, it got me inspired so decided to rebase my Kiwis on single bases, except for weapons teams like LMGs. So this evening I got busy rebasing 4 sections of infantry on the tradional single bases, highlighting them and getting them ready for this weeks game.

I've also ordered a platoons worth of the new Perry metal WWII Germans which will be the basis for my Italian Campaign Germans to face the kiwis- the Perry DAK plastics aren't bad but, like the British ones, in my opinion their metals are superior in detail and quality so are worth playing the extra price for.

Kent and I have arranged a game for this Wednesday so hopefully I'll have a battle report by the end of the week.



  1. I hate rebasing! These look great Craig. I look forward to reading all about their exploits later in the week!

  2. An ongoing thing for me I'm afraid Rodger- still searching for that elusive perfect basing system

    Looking forward to the game tomorrow night.

  3. Rebasing is a big pain but your Kiwi force looks real good.