Monday, August 11, 2014

BA- 82nd Airborne WIP

Since Band of Brothers the 101st Airborne, the Screaming Eagles, have been a popular div for wargaming-especially Easy Company, but I have always had a soft spot for the 82nd who fought Sicily, Italy and North-west Europe. Indeed, one of my favourite combat histories is Phil Nodyke's All American All the Way- the combat history of the 82nd Airborne division in WWII.

I've been planning to build an 82nd Airborne force for BA for sometime and have finally got round to starting it. Most of the figures are Black Tree but the SMG teams (mainly used as NCOs) are Warlord Games. I am pretty impressed with the Black Tree Design figures but am adding more Warlord Games US paras in the next wee while to finish off the force- adding the LMG teams, 60mm mortar and another section of infantry.

So far I have:

1x officer & NCO
1x observer
1x bazooka team
1x sniper team
2x 6 man sections of infantry (waiting for LMG teams to finish them off).
1x 8 man pathfinders section- which will use the rangers rules.

I aim to add another 8 man section of infantry (probably using the vet infantry rules/points to make them tough fighters), 2x LMG teams (as part of the infantry sections) a 60mm mortar, an M16 AA half track and 57mm AT gun. All have been ordered from Warlord Games and left the UK today so hopefully by the end of the week they'll arrive and the force will be ready for action in a couple of weeks.

The force as it stands at present.

 A section advances.

Last night I also made up another couple of sections of tree rows for Wednesday nights game.

This week Kent and I are planning another game of BA, my kiwis vs his SS. I've made a few changes and intend to run the following:

1x 2nd Lt & NCO (Reg)
1x FOO (Reg)
1x 9 man section with LMG (Reg)
1x 8 man section with LMG (Reg)
1x 8 man section  with LMG- the old hands (Vets)
1x Maori section with LMG  (Vets)- using the Commando rules.
1x sniper (Vet)
1x 3"mortar (Reg)
1x Staghound armoured car (Reg)
1x Sherman III (Reg)

I'm going for more mobility this week and will see how this force fares- and if I've learned any of the lessons of the last couple of games.



  1. Nice looking para's. Someone needs to make a hit TV series about the 82nd! Glad to see you're getting your gaming mojo back :-)

  2. Cheers Paul. Yes the 82nd deserve a mini series too.

    And yes getting back into it but am a bit busy with work at present, including the odd evening, which cuts down on hobby time.