Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BA- Kiwis vs SS take 2

Tonight Kent popped round for another game tonight. We'd both tweaked our lists. He'd dropped his MMG for an extra 4 infantry (2 in each veteran unit), I'd dropped the 6pdr and recce carrier for the staghound.

We rolled up Point Defence and Kent chose to attack.

The Stuart in the foreground is one of the objectives, a second one is located at the back of the woods in the centre right of the picture.
 A regular platoon in the foreground is pinned by the preliminary bombardment- 4 or 5 units took 2 pins.
The Germans begin to advance through the woods.
 Turn 2 my bombardment arrived, destroying a section of German infantry!
 The stug advances to take up position.

 The Sherman inches forward, surviving a panzerfaust attack.
 The German infantry advance on the treeline just in fornt of the Sherman.

 On my right flank artillery smashes my regular infantry platoon- 7 pins!
 The first shot from the stug desptys the sherman- revenge for the stugs performance last week.
 Having dealt with the sherman threat the German infantry squad advances though cornfields towards my 2nd Maori (commando) platoon. Kent manages to hit and kill half the squad!
 My other regular squad is ordered to advance to spoil the German attack.
 The Maori squad is hit by the SS and cut to pieces.
 Meanwhile the 222 is gunning for the mortar- neither of us realised only infantry can capture objectives, until about now!
 The staghound advances and pours fire on the SS in the cornfield.
 The survivors in the cornfield advace to engage my final Moari section that have arrived form the flank. In a fierce melee we manage to kill all of each thers force- not bad when we are all Vets!
 Shortly thereafter the game ended- due to our taking the eye off the ball with regards to objectives the game was a technical draw but these are the only kiwi survivors (the staghound having survived a stug shell which somehow bounced off its armour). Kent still had an almost intact infantry squad, stug, sniper 222 armoured car and mortar- so it wasn't quite a draw IMO.
Another great game. It started out pretty even but Kent used terrain well and kept his troops intact- 20 veteran SS working closely together takes a lot of stopping! Some great dice rolling for kills also helped his cause.

We are hoping for another game next week.



  1. Another great looking game. Looks like you are learning bits about the rules all the time.

    1. Thanks kiwi

      I find the rules poorly laid out and important rules hard to find- their ref sheet could also be far better organised- I need to find time to do my own cheat sheet.

      A few guys at the club are starting to play so we may pop down there next week to see what is going on, a few interesting armies in the pipeline

  2. Nice report Craig. I'm currently reading through the BA rules. Is it intended for any specific scale of figures? I'm thinking of setting up in 15mm to make use of existing FoW vehicles and terrain.

    1. Hi Paul

      It is designed for 28mm but plenty of people use 15mm as well- either individually based or using FoW bases as most fire is by section. If we were to get into the tank version now coming out we'd do it in 15s,.

      Range scale 15s probably would look better- I'd keep the ranges the same.

      With my eyes these days (finally got glasses for the first time ever this week) 28mm figs are easier to see to paint for me

      So yes, 15mm would work fine.


    2. Thanks for that, very helpful :-)

      I only made it to 12 before I needed glasses, so you're doing ok! Cheers, Paul.