Friday, August 15, 2014

BA- Japanese vs Chindits

Dave has finished his Chindit army so it was a chance for me to finally sue my Japanese. We played 850pts each.

I ran:

2x 10 man reg sections (LMGs)
2x Vet sections- 1 with a light mortar
Chi-ha tank

Dave ran a veteran force of
4x 8 mans ections- most had LMGs
Med mortar + observer
light mortar

Basically everything he could field to get to 850pts. We rolled up point defence and he defended.

Dave's chindits- very nice.

The chindits defended the right hand side of the table, spreading out their infantry to cover the three objectives.
 Turn 1 the chi ha advances- it managed to miss every time it fired all game!
 Veterna infantry advance.
 As do the chindits on the right, as they move to take up more advantageous positions.
 Two sections (1 regualr, the other veterans) support the chi ha on mt right flank.

 In thec entr ethe British prepare to hold the line.

The regular infantry got chewed up (3 men left) but the vets prepared to assault the infantry in the jungle at the bottom right corner.
 On the left the chindits awaited the imminent arrival of the flanking force.
 Ready boys.
 The Japanese commander assualts and kills the sniper team.
 The section in the centre prepare to reinforce the right objective.

 The flanking attack swarms over the objective (the carrier).
 The section from the centre moving to counter my troops about to capture the right objective.
 They assault my troops and in fierce hand to hand fighting the chindts are killed- though i am elft with 2 men left.

In the end we captured 2 out of 3 objectives. The chindits started out with a lot of dice but I managed to pick off a few smaller teams.

A fun game and was good to finally get a chance to use my Japanese- usually I'm facing Kent's Japanese with my Forgotten 14th force.



  1. Great looking figures and terrain; interesting to see how many figures are group-based - looks good.

  2. I've not seen Dave's army before and really liked his 4cm round bases with 2 figs each, may copy that for some of my own forces- one of thr local guys did an outstanding job with the bases themselves too

  3. Yes, very impressive looking figures and basing! Great looking table Craig!

    1. Cheers Roger- I really like the way the chindits have turned out and am keen to try to 40mm round bases myself

  4. Good report and some great figures...nice basing!

    1. Thanks Boggler- I too love the chindits bases

  5. Cheers Andy.

    We've enough now to do a large 2000pt battle on an 8x6 table

  6. Another great looking game. Great report.

  7. Great report and beautiful minis, very nice basing!

  8. Thanks Phil- makes the games more visually enjoyable having everything painted and based- something some of our local gamers have yet to grasp unfortunately.