Monday, June 16, 2014

StuH for the price of one

A while back I purchased a StuH for my Axis in Italy Bolt Action force but Warlord Games sent a standard stug III instead. They have rectified the mistake by sending me a StuH barrel, so last night I drilled out both barrels and added earth magnets to give me both options.

StuH version.
  75mm Stug III version.

  Also, I have completed a small (8 man) section to give my Kiwis a 4th section. The bren team are Perry plastic 8y with trousers made from greenstuff.
 The section advances.
 And a radio operator, who will act as my free spotter in most games.



  1. Nice work, bet you saved yourself a bit of cash there!

  2. Wonderful!!! The Kiwis are looking really good!

  3. The figs look great. I like the basing

  4. nice craig, having the StuH/StuG option is a great idea. keep up the great work, enjoy seeing your BA stuff. :-)