Sunday, March 30, 2014

More kiwis

My final section for my NZ platoon in Italy was done on Friday night along with the carriers- though more highlighting was done tonight.

Sniper and light mortar.
 The three sections.

 The carrier- which will be used as a transport/tow.
 And the centrepiece of the entire force, the Staghound, which was done this evening. The NZ Divs Divisional Cavalry reequipped with Staghounds prior to arriving in Italy in Oct-Nov 1943. Although a very cool armoured car its size meant it was not exactly the most practical recce vehicle on the narrow roads of Italy and eventually the Div Cav was disbanded and became an infantry battalion to help address the manpower shortage in the NZ Div. The Kiwis even converted the 37mm armed staghounds to carry 3" howitzers. They also added 25pdr boxes to the front and rear mudguards for extra stowage.

The model is a blitzkrieg miniatures Staghound 1 and is a very very nice model!


Now I need to find some 28mm NZ silver fern div tactical signs


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  1. Nice. Great to see a NZ staghound with a decent amount of stowage like all the historical photos