Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bolt Action: Somewhere in Italy 1944....

Kent wanted to use his new stug so I made up a couple of forces appropriate for Italy 1944. We rolled a Hold until relieved, with a German section holding a forward command post.

Kent's DAK
2x sections with LMG (reg)
1x section + LMG (vets)
81mm mortar
2x MMG

Craig's 8th Army
3x sections + bren (Reg)
3" mortar
recce caarrier
 British surround their target, a forard observer psot- which contains a section of men and a MMG.

 Turn 2 the stug arrives.
 On my left flank a section of infantry are surprised by a section of German infantry (reserves) and pinned down.
 Meanwhile another section runs towards the safety of a house- a stug has ben spotted just beyond the field!
 And another section advances on the other unoccuied house.
 The Germans charge my section in the woods and destroy it without loss!
 Here comes the stug!
 My officer had just run over to bolster my threatened section.
 The building on the right and the one at thebottom of the village are both now occupied by British sections.
 Charge. My officer and NCO charge forward to gain a medal but are cut down.
 My stuart appears from reserves and misses the stug! I hit it twice more during the game (from behind) without causing any damage.
 A section of infantry rushes forward to clear the objective of enemy troops. I lost the entire section, Kent lost 8 men out of a section of 9!
 From the woods the German section targets my MMG located on the distant rise.
 Trun 5. Hello. anyone home? My final setion is now surrounded and heavily pinned. The survivors are forced to wave a white flag and surrender.
 The Germans still hold the objective.
 Victory to Kent. I bit of a slaughterfest. I lost 5 units, Kent 3 or 4 but he held the all important objective. As usual a fun and entertaining game. 



  1. Great stuff. Looks like it was a fun game.

  2. Looks fantastic Craig! I do like those hedge rows!

  3. Cheers guys- hedgerows are art of my 15mm bocage terrain