Monday, March 17, 2014

More Kiwis in Italy

I have now completed 2x 9 man sections along with a sniper light mortar team and Boys rfile team.

The bren guns, like the other team weapons, are on round bases so I can easily pick them out on the table. You will also note that the assistant has a rifle no dodgy swapping rifles for SMGs and back again for me.

The second section. The bases are pretty straight forward but look effective.
 My lieutenant and the brains of the outfit the NCO.
 The sniper team lines up another target.
 And a 2" mortar team prepares to fire.
 And the boyes team. "Are you sure we can destroy tanks with this piece of crap?"


  1. Beautiful troops, love the differrent poses, the paint job, and the basement...

    1. Thanks Phil, the Perry's do make nice models

  2. Nice looking outfits, Craig. I like the contrast between base and figures, not only an attractive 'look', but simply makes the figures stand out. I was wondering whether Boys anti-tank rifles were still being issued during the Italian campaign. Mind you, they may have performed functions more militarily useful than making the enemy armour go 'clonk' now and then.

    1. Thanks Archduke. You are probably right re the Boyes- will leave it for Tunisia and earlier games

      By the way they seem to pop up in BA armies they are handier in BA than real life