Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BA- Kiwis vs SS

Kent and I ran a 900pts per side game. I was hoping to have a Sherman or at least a Staghound to support my troops but alas they hadn't arrived so my Stuart III and recce carrier had to suffice.

I ran a regular platoon

3x sections with LMGs
1x commando section (to represent a Maori section) (Vets)
1x MMG
1x mortar
1x sniper
1x recce carrier
1x stuart
1x free FOO

Kent ran:
3x SS squads (vets)
1x mortar
1x 75mm infantry gun (my latest reinforcement)
1x 222 AC
1x Stug

We rolled up Envelopment and I got to attack.

Kent's latest acquisition a 222 armoured car.  
 And his new beautifully painted SS.
 Nice sniper team.
 Turn 1. The Germans are spread thin to cover the entire board. The stug and 222 are in reserve (scared of artillery). The preliminary bombardment pinned a few squads but did little else.
 I advance on my right flank with the Maori and a regular infantry section. I kept two sections and the carrier in reserve.
 On my left flank a section of SS take up positions on the edge of a wood.
 Turn 3 the 222 armoured car arrive but the stug is having track troubles and doesn't arrive.
 On the right another section takes up position on the edge of a field. However they got severely pinned and did little all game.
 The Maori and sniper steel their nerve before charging across the open ground to take on the SS.
 The 222 goes hunting my mortar team but misses.
 My officer and NCO sneak down an alley- the building on the right has a section of SS in it.
 My officers target? The enemy mortar section. ent sends his officer and NCO out of cover to intercept.
 Trun 5 my reserves are about to be hit by my FOOs artillery barrage and are pinned.
 Turn 6- I have knocked out the mortarand  infantry from the fields edge in the foreground as well as the 75mm infantry gun which was in the cropfield at the bottom of the picture. Unfortunaely the 75mm got a lucky hit on my stuart and immobilised it before the gun was in turn taken out by my sniper.

 My officer about to be cut down in assault.
 I ended up losing my officer, observer and Maori (commando) section, but destroyed 2 sections of infantry, the mortar and infantry gun as well as getting the carrier off table (we decided to only count teams that started flanking on the attackers side of the table as being eligible for victory points).

A fun game and the opposite of last week. My dice were running hot all night and Kent's were pretty abysmal.

Hopefully by next week my Sherman will have arrived and we can go up to 1,000pts. I should also have my third section of infantry done (some Perry reinforcements arrived today).



  1. Nice AAR! And the SS minis really look great!

    Where are your buildings from BTW?

    1. Thanks Samuli

      Two are Italeri (sp?) 1:72 the other Armourcast 1:72. I feel slightly underscale works better as they have a smaller on table footprint

  2. Great looking game and minis. I like Kent's arsenal of vehicles. Makes me want to get a Stug with schurzen (sic). Best, Dean


    1. Thanks Dean

      I have a Stuh ordered but doubt I'll get to run my Germans very often

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray, Kent has really outdone himself this time. The photos don't do them justice.

  4. Great report and very cool looking game Craig!

  5. Thanks Rodger

    Can't wait to get some proper kiwi vehicles done