Thursday, February 13, 2014

FoW: Breakout Mission

I've come up with anew mission for Day of Days next weekend, a tweak on FFA & Encounter, designed for 6x5 tables and doubles play.

Breakout (Modified FFA)
This battle represents the initial breakout by the US forces (especially) and the fluid nature of the initial clashes as the Germans attempted to plug the gaps in their lines.

Attackers: Your attack has a punched a hole in the enemy front. Your orders are to exploit the situation, grab vital objectives to prevent the enemy from establishing new defensive positions. You must seize and hold at least one of your allocated objectives.

Defender: The enemy has broken through the main defensive line. Your company has been ordered to establish blocking positions to allow time for new defensive positions to be established and so prevent the front from collapsing.  You are to seize and hold at least one of your allocated objectives.

Mobile battle, reserves
1.    Attacker/defender: Roll to determine who is attacker as defender as per normal.

2.    Deployment Zone: Each player starts in a box 12” from the centre line and 24” from the table side.

3.    Objectives: Starting with the attacker both sides place 3 objectives in the enemies side of the board. All objectives must be at least 16” from the centreline and all must be at least 12” apart.

4.    Deployment: Starting with the defenders each player deploys half their force on table, the remainder is in reserve.

5.    Recce Moves: Starting with the defender both sides make recce moves.

6.    First turn: Roll to see who gets the first turn. The defender (who deployed first) gets a +1 to the dice roll.

7.    Reserves: Each player starts to roll for reserves from turn 1 and reserves must come on from each players deployment zone long table edge (i.e 24” along the table edge).

Victory Conditions:
  • The side that captures one of the objectives on the opposing side wins the game.

  • If at the end of the allotted time should neither side capture an objective nor break both enemy companies then the both sides lose and victory points are determined form the loser’s column of the victory points table. 

Day of Days 2014: Victory Points (per team)

Number of own platoons lost
Victory Points
Number of enemy platoons destroyed.
Victory Points

4 or more



4 or more

Fair Fight Missions: If neither side wins both teams determine points from the loser’s column.

Test game
We had a test game last night. Brad and Kent using their armoured PG companies (both without any armour) vs US armoured rifles and a sherman company. The shermans proved the difference and Dale was able to blunt Kent's aggrteesive attack and swing the battle our way. The developing battle scenario I envisioned worked well and the game as a lot of fun.

 Armoured SS panzer grenadiers advance.

 The battlefield from Kent's end.
 Kent's new camo- very nice as per usual.
 A pair of 88s caused Dale a major headache. My priests smoked them but it wasn't till the end game that he finally managed to get rid of them.
 Eventually my hellcats arrived and took on Brads SS pak 40s from concealed positions.

 Near the end Dale masses his Shermans.
 Brad's SS platoons came unstuck near the treelined road.
 Kent fails motivation to assault the Shermans as the game ends.

 A fun game and the mission worked well. Facing 2x panzerwerfer batteries was not much fun though.

It should work well next weekend. 

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