Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bolt Action: 8th Army vs DAK

An amusing game of Bolt action at TAG last night. Nigel and I vs Tony and Dave. About 750 pts per side.

The 8th army (regs) had:
3x 10 man sections with lmg
3" mortar
2 pdr
Valentine II

The DAK (vets) had:
3x 8 man sectons with LMGs
Panzer III late J

The Germans started off with the hiss and a roar, Nigel hitting and destroying the 2pdr with his first mortar round.  Then he had a section of infantry leg it to the table edge. We kept pressure up most of the game but eventually a Valentine and section of infantry arrived on my (right) flank, catching one of my sections in enfilade.

A section of Tommies held a wadi in the centre of the board and the stubborn defenders too a heavy toll on our troops, in the end though our oficer and NCO charged home and slew the last few men in hand to hand combat.

The panzer III managed to survive 2-3 hits from the Valentine before it immobilisd the Val. In the last turn charged  the panzer ith a section of infantry but was driven off, the panzer was buttoned up though and then finally the Val managed to get a shot through the panzers armour and destroy it.

All in all a typicality chaotic and extremely amusing game. Tony and Nigel both enjoyed themselves and are keen for another crack at it soon.

Result 4-3 to the Germans.

Turn 1 A German section moves forward to reconnoiter a wadi.

 The beginning of turn 2 the Tommies deploying troops.
 Brad was official dice chooser.
 Turn 2. A British section occupies the wadi.
 We start to some under intense small arms fire (3 pins to the section and our officer)
 British occupy an area of scrub on our far right flank. 
 Supported by the panzer one of my sections advances.
 Oops, those sneaky Tommies send a flanking force. I'm not trapped between a rock (or in this case wadi) and a hard place.
 The Val also appears. My infantry fall back but are being cut down from the troops in the wadi.
 The there were two.
 The British kill or capture my troops.
 Time for revenge... CHARGE!
 The German officer storms the wadi.
 And destroys the British!
 Last turn, the panzer III succumbs after its third direct hit of the game.
Great game guys, thoroughly enjoyable!

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