Sunday, September 1, 2013

28mm- The Fall of France

My next project is going to be two armies for the Fall of France: a French infantry platoon and a motorised German infantry platoon to represent Gross Duetshland. I am going to include a Stug D as 6 of them were attached to Gross Duetshland IIRC. The German force will also include 2-3 trucks, a 222 armoured car and possibly a motorbike too.

At TAGCON today I picked up a 251/C "Hanomag" to go with the force for when it morphs into the Russian Front version (Finn is keen to try the Russians).The Warlord Games 251/C as an easy to assemble plastic kit. It took less than two hours to build, undercoat and paint.

I was also keen to see how 28mm figures compared to the JR 15mm/20mm buildings. They don't look to out of place.

The hanomag as undercoated black, then block painted German grey.  This was followed by a wash of soft tone before being drybrushed with Dark Grey then London Grey to pick out the details. Finally it was given a light dry British of German Camo Beige to give it a slightly dusty look. 

I've also bee searching for suitable buildings for the project ad have ordered a few of the very nice Najewitz Modellbau Normandy range.They are 1:72 scale but I am hoping they will fit okay.



  1. Less than 2 hours!!! It would take me that long to open the packet! Very nice work mate!

  2. Thanks guys- it makes for a very small force so far though!