Tuesday, September 3, 2013

28mm Perry 8th Army & Armourfast Farmhouse

The war in the Western Desert has long been one of my favourite theatres to wargame. So one of my 28mm projets is to build forces for the desert using the new Perry plastics.So far I have completed 3 sections of my first platoon (each of NCO, 8 riflemen and a bren gunner) completed and will do the command figures in the next few days.

 They can also double in for the British Troops in  the Far East/Burma (1942) though the helmets should probably be painted green for that. I've a Valentine tank (Blitzkrieg miniatures) to add and have the new Perry Vickers and 3" mortars ordered to complete the force.

The Perry plastics have good detail and are easy to put together and paint.

Armourfast 1:72nd Scale  Farmhouse
Also today the first of my buildings arrived, a couple of the new Armourfast 1:72nd scale Farmhouses. They are simple to put together (10-15 mins tops) and should paint up fine. They are a basic but have plenty of scope for adding details to (I think I'll add a lean to/shed to the second one) and should look good once painted up.

As you can see the doorways are a bit small for 28mm figures but to the naked eye they look fine.


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  1. The buildings should paint up real nice Craig. Troops are looking fantastic!