Wednesday, September 25, 2013

28mm Napoleonic Russian Cossacks

The Wellington gamers are putting on their epic Leipzig refight next weekend. Dave, Stephen and Kent are all heading up for the gaming but alas I will have to miss it. I will be in Wellington for a couple of days with the family from the Sunday afternoon. Finn has made the rep team for 12th grade soccer and his the South Island comp is in Blenheim at the top of the South Island so we are driving up and thought we'd take the kids over to Wellington on the ferry as they've never been to the North Island for a few days and visit Te Papa (NZ's national museum) and catch up with their cousins. It should be a good trip but unfortunately I won't be there in time to see the Leipzig game

 John needed a few more cossacks painted so over the past couple of nights I've painted up 4 more stands for him which will be heading up with the guys. The figures are all Front Rank.


  1. Very nice! Perhaps our Cossacks will see the outside of the box next week. They tend to terrorize the landwehr. New follower. My blog: The Amateur Military Historian