Monday, September 9, 2013

8th Army Platoon completed

My Perry plastics are done.

HQ, NCO, radio operator
2" mortar
Boyes AT rifle
3x sections each of: SMG armed NCO, 8x riflemen &  bren gunner

The command stands and a radio operator.
 The platoon arrayed for battle.
 The new Perry 3" mortar and Vickers MMG. Very nice sculpts- highly recommended. The weapons come with 4 man crews so I converted one to a medic and another will be my artillery observer.

 Boyes anti-tank rifle and 2" mortar.
  A Blitzkrieg Miniatures Valentine tank. The Valentine is one of my favourite desert era tanks- a 2pdr gun with no HE capabilities as an infantry support tank? What were the British thinking?

The Blitzkrieg Valentine is a truly excellent model, a beautiful cast, go out and get one they are that good!
 The commander is another Perry metal- covered up to keep the dust out.
 The infantry advance.

I need a 4th infantry section to finish these guys off. I will also use them for Burma 1942 games.



  1. Very, very nice indeed. That's almost exactly the list I'm planning. Care to share your colour palette?

    Love the idea with the extra crew served weapon guys, I will have to steal that!

  2. Thanks Millsy

    The Valentine was undercoated a light grey primer. Base coat of Vallejo Iraqi sand. Soft tone wash and drybrushed dark sand.