Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Zealand Rifle Company- WIP

The first kiiw rifle platoon, based to match my FJ for Cassino themed games and the Italian campiagn in general. Once finished these guys will by my Mid War (late- i.e. late 43) force.

 With the new MG rate of fire while pinned in V3 I'm actually tempted (for the first time ever!) to run them as a Lorried rifle company. Here is my first idea:
  Kiwi Lorried Infantry (Italy)  
  HQ 35
6x lorried infantry (PIAT) 165
6x lorried infantry (PIAT) 165
4x MMG Carriers  (can't bombard) 185
3x Carriers- 1x ATR, 2x MGs 115
3x NZ Shermans 450
2x 17pdrs 160
4x 25pdrs 225

It has all the main bases covered- a bit light on infantry but lorried rifle companies usually are. The 17 prs are there as I couldn't find enough points for two sections of 6 pdrs- unless I dropped a PIAT but the platoons are already pretty small.  


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