Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kiwi Divisional Cavalry

My Kiwi Divisional Cavalry in Italy:

2x  Staghound HQ
3x Staghound patrols (2x Staghounds + a CS staghound)
3x Dingos

It will get its first outing next week vs Kent and Nigel. I'll add some priests and sporadic air support to bring it to 1200 points, while Dale will run a Kiwi Sherman company (8x Shermans) to support it. It should be a laugh.

My last couple of 233 armoured cars have arrived so I've those to paint and a 250/1 to finish my panzerspah for Italy too.



  1. Some nice looking / painted Staghounds and Dingos!

  2. Looking really good there Craig!

    The 8 Sherman force is very powerful- I am sure it will work....

  3. Dale is already drooling- he diddn't like trained Shermans but is looking forward to using the vet version

    I'm looking forward to the staghound craziness!


  4. that looks really cool, when do i get to kill them