Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MW Witches Cauldron- doubles

Another playtest tonight, this time Witches Cauldron using the terrain I've just made for TAG- including some roads I made last night. The table was 6ft x 5 ft- I like this size table.

The Americans got to defend:
US Armour: 2x  Shermans, 4x sheramsn, 4x stuarts, recon, 4x 105s
Paras: 3x platoons, 4x 81mm mortars, 4x 105s, limited Lightnings

FJ: HQ + 3x stummelwerfers, 2x platoons, 3x stugs.
Panzeroy: 2x Panzer III, 4x panzer III (1x KGed), 2x IVG + a IIIN, 3x nebs

Each force started with 2 platoons on table so we were all pretty fragile- but both companies needed to die to win- unless objectives were captured of course. 

The German tanks started together on our far right.

 FJ dug in on the far side of the table.

 Sherman ambush. They knocked out a panzer III platoon- Nigel kept rolling 2s for armour saves.  Direct fire from the 105s finished off the last panzer III in the platoon!

 Turn 1- a single lightning arrived but missed its target. 
 Stugs immediately arrive and bailed the 2iC.

Turn 2 the American all went to ground- tanks in front, stugs behind. Yikes!
 On our left flank the paras wait for the fJ assualt- the new roads turned out well!
 Meanwhile, turn 2 our artillery also went to ground- and the panzer IIIs closed in for the kill...
 Gone to ground, range and concealment doesn't help when the stugs roll 3x 6s to hit vs rear armour on 6 dice- 2 dead shermans, 1 bailed. 

 We are under pressure on the far right flank.
 And now the FJ assault into the town on the left, killing two teams and captuing a couple of buildings- my paras break off.
 Kent also throws his FJ forward though the fields vs my other platoon.
 Dale's 105s engaging in a direct fire dual with panzers- this is going to end badly!
The Shermans move out and MG the FJ in the centre- my infantry then charge out and in two turns of assaults gut the FJ platoon, but we are now not dug in- oops.

 Stugs go hunting shermans...
 FJ prepare for another assualt in the town.
 Things aren't looking  good for the yanks- stugs + panzers have the Shermans surrounded and the 105s are very exposed.
 Turn 4: Hey where did the Sherrmans go? The 105s also evaporate and so Dale's company breaks, before the stuarts or recon have arrived.
 Now you see them, now you don't. The 105 battery is no more.
 So let's get this right, my infantry vs all those tanks. Hmm. I
 Panzers close on for the kill. In the istance my reserves are heading towards the action.
 Turn 5: My 105s arrive and get a lucky long range shot (RoF 1, range = a 6 needed) and kill stug. I have also destroyed Kent's FJ platoon in the town so if I can kill another stug I'm still in with a chance!
 So much for diigging in- you do know there are tanks outside the field, don't you?
 Nebs turn up from reserve.
 Turn 6- the panzers have MGed my forward platoon to death. The objective is well and truely protected. My only chance a lucky air strike and a time on target barrage. 
It almost worked- time on target killed 1 of its two potential targets- the other saved with 2x 5s, the lightnings hit two tanks in the other platoon but only one was destroyed.

A fun game if a bit random at times- at 1200 pts forces are very fragile- still it could have gone either way.

Not sure if we will use it though, it is a bit hard for the small, fragile 1200 pt forces to be able to out up a good defence withiout being overwhelmed, its a fun mission but probably better suited to a standard comp.

That being said though, I do like 1200 pts with only 1x div support- makes for very different force selection to standard (1500 pt) games so might do some single player 1200 pt games too.


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