Monday, December 26, 2011

Plans for 2012

The trip to Central was good, few people about, the camping grounds were almost empty (but it won't be that way after today as the hordes will start to descend for the traditional NZ two week summer break between Christmas & New Year), weather was fantastic- 26-28 degrees each day. We biked a 34 km section of the Rail Trail between Wedderburn & Lauder as we made our way to Alexandra.

Anyway, this is suppposed to be about wargaming what have I been up to? Bugger all really. I have managed over 3-4 evenings to paint 13 Napoleonic Jagers- I have 2 battalions (32 figures to do) to add to my Russian force before Kent and I play again. I am only getting 3-4 done a night, not my usual speed but hopefully they'll be done in the next few evenings.

With the new year looming its time to start taking stock & thinking about what wargaming projeccts I need to do next year. In no particular order:
  1. Finish off the Impetus Crusades forces- some LBM transfers have just turned up to finish off the Syrians & shield transfees for the Frankish knights.
  2. Paint up my Visigoth force for Impetus- and maybe add a Late Roman force too.
  3. Carthagians! One of those projects I've been meaning to do for over a year- I built 15mm Carthagian & Republican Rome forces for FOG when it came out but hated the rules and when we went to 28mm a couple of years ago sold my armies to one of the local DBAers. I've been meaning to do a 28mm Carthagian force ever since- and I think I need to convince Kent to get a Republican Rome force to match them :)
  4. Finish the Russians for Lasalle- and maybe add a few smaller units for Shako II.
  5. Get a FoW force organised for Jamie's Ironman Challenge for 20112. Armoured Panzer Grenadiers, an armoured aufklarung or panzerspah force all appeal on that front- one of the Wellington guys ran a puma company at Bedecon which I really, really loved so might do something based round pumas.
  6. Try not to buy too much more lead- I have a very large pile of stuff that needs painted so really must stop flitting from one project to the next and get some of those side projects done.
  7. Build some decent 28mm terrain- probably the most urgent project. I really do need to get some decent terrain done for our 28mm games- both for European & Mid East inspired gaming.
  8. Get some games in of Impetus vs Kent's new Imperial Romans vs my Sassanid & Numidian forces!
  9. Do a few more big battles with Impetus!
  10. Try to encourage more guys at TAG to get into 28mm gaming- via our demo games on Wednesdays at the club- can't see this ever working though but who knows.

Well, I'm sure there are plenty more projects but that lot should keep me busy- if only I could learn to focus better- I am enjoying Kent and my eclectic approach to wargaming.

We've got 3-4 rule sets we like (FoW, Lasalle- I did enjoy Lasalle on a bigger table the other week) & Impetus as well as a few others we use rarely (eg Shako II) and so will continue to focus on those rulesets. Impetus is by far the ruleset I most enjoy using at present so no doubt will continue to get in games when Kent is avaialble.

Anyway enough ramblings from me, I'm back off to the bach & beach. Have a good New Year and will be back early in 2012.



  1. Sounds like a good little to-do list. Good luck and have fun at the beach!

  2. Well it all sounds very plausible, but as a typical wargamer do you think No6 gonna work!! It never does for me!!!!

  3. Not likely Ray, but i can try. Alas the inbox gets much more full than the outbox year after year- must try to change that!

  4. Hi Craig - looks good.

    My great family gave me SAGA for Christmas and I am excitedly getting into Dark Ages Skirmish now. All the effort with sabots is paying off lol

    We both felt that Impetvs doesn't quite do the period justice so it might be worth a look if you wanted to do something with all those cool figs you have.

    As to number 6 - I note suspiciously that it is Lead not Plastic :P

    I really like your idea with the Carthos. It's a period (ie Rise of Rome) I am slowly laying the groundwork to pull people into here as well. Though I think the upcoming plastic Macedonians might make it happen.


  5. Russell showed me Saga at Bedecon, it looks interesting but I'm not that keen on skirmish level, even if big skirmish level. Will try DA Impetus again or tweak the DBA lists to better fit- I hate the 11 blades of Vikings, or even use HoTT for DA games. However, I've plenty of plastic/lead to do Saga Skirmish forces at some point, just not too keen to get into more gaming systems- although I see they are releasing scots, Bretons etc so maybe it will appear on my to do list as well- I have learned ot never say enver when it comes to rules.

    Re: #6 Lead & plastic but mainly lead.

    Have a good New Year and will catch up before long.

  6. Thats a LONG list Craig, but as its you I have no concern that you wont get it done!

    I will be really interested to see how you do your Carthagians. Should be cool.

    Christmas break looks lovely too, you forget nice it is done there.

  7. Good luck with your 2012 plans Craig. My list will be equally long.

  8. Nice holiday pics. Best of luck with your 2012 plans

  9. good to have you back my friend will contact bso organise a game or two