Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Kent & Nigel gave Dale & me a game of Lasalle at the club- this time on a 6x7.5 table.

But before we began Richard bought his latest scratchbuilt creation down- a 40K giant robot thingie- see how interested I am in 40K, I don't have a clue what the hell it is but it is a fantastic model he's made, it must be at least 60cm tall.

Anyway onto the game- this time we had two support choices per side. Kent took a Young Guard force and some Cuirassiers, we took my standard force + a jager brigade. We also added vigour and tactics rules and as a result the Russians came off 2nd best in a number of assaults.

I much preferred the bigger table but my troops didn't. We got crushed- losing 15 pts (out of 24) to 6! Well played Kent and Nigel. Tonight I remembered most of the rules- which was a bonus and even did assualts at the right time! Nigel wasn't so keen on it, preferring Shako II, Dale was just there to roll dice. I enjoyed it more than the last game (even though I got crushed) but Kent has issues with how assaults work- especially not getting decisive victories leaving the defender with no appreciable penalty. They didn't seem to have a problem dealing with my artillery this time and the bigger table finally gave us some decent room to manouvre. My biggest mistake was not defending in enough depth and spreading my line too thin- that and getting whomped by superior tactics & vigour French troops!

Maybe I need to paint up my last three Battalions of Jagers!

The only thing that went right for Dale and I was his Jagers successfully holding of an infantry brigade on our left flank, while my troops were crushed by Young Guard on the right.

A fun game though and the mini's really shone on a bigger table.



  1. Hi Craig,

    Looks great- how big is your table?

    The Titan is very impressive, too.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Nice looking game, beautiful figures too!!!

  3. Glad to see you having another go at Lasalle- it is worth the getting your head around!

  4. We are starting to get there- except we gave Kent +1 tactics advantage to all Kent's trops.

    The bigger table (7.5ft x 6 ft) worked really well. Nigel not so keen on Lasalle but wants to give it a couple more goes, he prefers Shako II, which is another level up.

    It's inspired me to get to work on my last 3 battalions of Jagers though.


  5. Great looking game Craig. I really must give Lasalle a go sometime.

  6. Hi Craig,

    Its a Pre-Heresy Pattern Chaos Reaver Titan...and it looks freaking sweet!

    About $900 from Forgeworld in resin IIRC.

    Nice one.

    Oh and the Lasalle game looks sweet too. :)

  7. You know more about fordykay then you should...


    Lasalle looks great

  8. Have a great xmas guys :)

    LaSalle hasnt grabbed down here :( but Nap at war looks much more interesting. Rules arrived the other week and we are going to give it a run when the naval game finishes (finally the USA are getting the short end of the stick "evil grin")



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