Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Impetus: 400pts Armenians vs Crusaders

Tonight, like most freshly painted armies seem to do the Armenians got their first game in and lost.

It was a fun battle that see-sawed quite a bit but in the end the Crusaders crushed the Armenians for a resounding victory.

The armies deploy- we both took 2 commands.

2x Knights
2x Bedouin Med Cav
3x heavy foot
2x Crossbows

2x Knights
3x heavy foot
3x light foot (javelins)
2x bows

Crusaders? Approximately:
2x Knights
2x Med Cav (Turcoples)
4x Bows
2x Crossbows
4x dismounted knights
2-4 sergeants (longspear)

(I think Kent got sneaky and press ganged some more bow reinforcements- hence the unfinished bases)

The armies advance

My knights make a beeline for the gap in the hills- the Horns of Hattin? Surely not!

Turcopoles advance up the hill- Kent, you really must finish the edges of those bases!

The knights advance into the trap.

Missile fire disorders my knights.

Then the impetus knights attempt to charge home but all fail! Alla re disordered. Oh Uh!

Kent then gets two turns in a row and the knights take heavy casualties.

Kent's knight counter attack and most combats are locked together.

The battle rages in the centre. Kent is able to reinforce his troops and I am struggling to keep my impetus generals from getting themselves killed!

This is what I really like about Impetus- eventually the games always descend into a series of small, chaotic melees that swing back and forth- much as I imagine many ancient battles would have done.

My general is in major trouble here whilst Kent's ran straight through a unit of heavy foot and the bows which are currently directly in front of them.

The battle rages on my right flank- the light foot managed to kill a couple of stands of Bows before coming unstuck when they ran into a unit of dismounted knights- the dice indicating the javelin armed troops at least hurt them!

End game. Kent managed to disengage from the central melee and his missiles troops slaughtered my knights- in my last turn both generals perished and the surviving troops slunk back into the hills to lick their wounds and ambush the Crusaders on another day...

Great game Kent- well fought!

Back to the drawing board for the Armenians, maybe we need a few more knights...



  1. Nice report, always nice to see someone else doing Impetus crusades!


  2. I find the Crusades armies really make Impetus shine- lots of interestng troop types. I don't think I'll use Impetus with my Dark Ages armies as it turns into a bit of a (probably very historic) shoving match and a grind- so might use DBA for those games.

    Not very often I get to say Kent's figures let the game down- unfiinished bases, really!

    I think next week we'll try Shako II in 28mm but I want a rematch vs the Crusaders soon.


  3. Great report! Makes me want to try Impetus again, I didn't give it a fair go.

    Cheers, Simon

  4. Excellent batrep, and lovely looking figures!!!

  5. Good looking stuff. Impetus is a ruleset on my 'to check out' list...

  6. Hi Craig, good to see you guys so heavily back into the Impetvs again.

    I agree with you about the Shieldwalls armies but most of the army lists I've seen make for a pretty interesting game, with a good range of troops. I think a Sheildwalls game can be fun if they aren't both like that, some very mobile inf or cav can make those games very intersting again.

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