Saturday, December 17, 2011

Off to Bannockburn

Well work has finished for the year so I'm off with the family to Bannockburn, no not that Bannockburn, Bannockburn Central Otago. A cunning plan to avoid the masses- go away for a week before the holidays start for most people.

"Central" is one of the most picturesque parts of the country. This area was where NZs gold rush started in the 1860s and and there are plenty of abandoned mining towns to explore in the region. We'll be camping at Bannockburn and taking the kids mountainbiking in the region so it should be a great week. Then we'll be heading to the bach for a couple of weeks of surf-kayaking, swimming, boogie boarding, chilling and avoiding the roads as much as possible!

Mt Biking
One initiative that the government has underway is to create a series of bike tracks that run the length of the country- their solution to the Global Financial Crisis (I kid you not!). The Central Otago Rail Trail, which follows an abandoned railway line, has been a huge success and bought jobs and tourists to a really beautiful but underrated part of the country. I hope that the new Alps to Ocean Bike track, which will run from NZs highest mountain Aoraki (Cloud Piercer in Engish)/Mt Cook to Oamaru, will do the same to the towns and villages of the Waitaki Valley. The first couple of sections of the track have just been completed in time for the holidays and the entire 300km track is due to open next November. The geography and geology through the Waitaki Valley is truly stunning, so I'm looking forward to being able try this new track next year.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a wargaming blog, so my job while away will be to finish off the Russian Jagers so Kent and I can have a rematch sometime early in Janaary.

I hope everyone has a great, and safe, holiday break. I'll continue with the blog in the new year (once back in internet range).



  1. Have a great trip! That full bike looks interesting- might have to have a go once it opens.

    Merry Xmas and all that to the family

  2. Likewise Poochie- I look forward to seeing how your paint challenge goes- get the French done so we ccan get a game of Lasalle in next year :)

    All the best


  3. Have a great break away Craig. I have not been down to Bannockburn for years, it's a truely wonderful area.

  4. Heh, I'd forgotten about that shining policy flagship, that came out of the glorious Jobs Summit. :)

    Looks like a really good place to be headed with the family, Craig.

    Happy holidays to all of you and enjoy your time away.

  5. Gov. initiative to build a full country wide length of bike tack is in my eyes the best idea they have ever had..... almost up there with giving women the vote....

    Kids finding it ok, strength/maturity wise or are you met with constant whining?

  6. Same Jamie @ Dalinski.

    Kids did well- they enjoy biking (they biked a 34 km setion of the Rail Trail (in about 26-27 degree heat) with no problems (or whining).

    Weather in Central was awesome- was glad not to be there next week though. The camp grounds were empty, won't be that way after tomorrow.