Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bedecon 2011

Bede has organised a LW FoW comp in Wellington for this weekend. I much prefer themed events and so immediately jumped at the opportunity to take part in Bunkers & Beaches (aka Bedecon).

I have not really given my lsit much thought, it as one of the alternatives I had for Conquest but given there were already 4-5 British rifle lists there was glad I didn't take it. The actual models need a bit of work still but I'm not ina WWII painting kind of mood (Impetus has captured my attention again) so will make do with what I have. Not sure how it will do, I'd prefer to take Sextons but not an option anymore so 8 priests it is- we will see how the 8x Vet Priests perform with the British artillery rules.

Here is the list- not a crocodile or Wasp in sight!

T&T Rifles (TT)

Company HQ 30

1st Platoon (CV) 180

2nd Platoon (CV) 180

4x 6pdrs (CV) 135

3x Recce Carriers(CV)+ MMG 95

4x M10 (CV) 310

8x Priests (CV) 495

3x Cromwells + Firefly (RV) 325


Poochie is also taking part, running a US armoured company.

It should be a good weekend, I'm looking forward to catching up with the Wellington gamers once more.

Tonight I should probably try the force out vs Dale's Panzer Lehr companybut instead I'll be giving the Armenians their first crack vs Kent's First Crusaders so hopefully I'll have a report tomorrow.


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